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The Pothos project is a complete data-flow framework for creating topologies of interconnected processing blocks. Topologies can be designed and tested graphically, and deployed over a network. The Pothos framework API is sleek and smart, enabling users to quickly create custom processing blocks with minimal boiler-plate. Processing blocks can support computational offload and integration with SoC and DMA devices. The project also has a diverse set of processing and hardware support toolkits. Visit the project homepage for source code, build instructions, documentation...

Open source and commercial friendly

Pothos is a completely open source framework from the API, to the GUI, to the available toolkits. Pothos is freely available under a permissive license to be used in a variety of open source projects, and for private or commercial uses.

Features summary continued...

Read more about the available features on the Pothos features summary page.

Pothos project on GitHub

GitHub is an excellent tool for sharing and collaborting on open-source projects. Find the source code, documentation, wikis, tutorials, issue tracker all on the Pothos project homepage.

Quick Pothos GitHub links

Pothos Youtube Channel

Find demonstrations and tutorials on the Pothos Youtube channel.

Pothosware development services

We can work with your team to help tackle design issues. Contact us about co-development.

IP development

Interested in integrating an algorithm in Pothos, interoperating with specialized SoC hardware, offloading processing onto an FPGA or DSP, optimizing performance of a custom design? We have intimate knowledge of the framework, and integration experience with hardware and 3rd party libraries.

SDR support

Power your SDR device with Pothos. Inspire your customers with the full-featured graphical design utility, an extensible API for creating custom IP, and diverse set of supported processing toolkits. Learn more at the Pothos SoapySDR toolkit page.

Expanding Pothos

Pothos is a dynamic and flexible framework, and we strive to handle as many use-cases as possible. If your application requires an additional framework-level feature, graphical tool improvement, or general design suggestion; please contact us about your needs.

About Pothosware

The Pothos project began in late 2013 with the goal of creating an open source data-flow framework. The framework should have an easy to use API, full-featured graphical interface, and integrate well with computational offload, SoC, DMA devices.

Open source business model

We give the software away for free and make it available under a commercially friendly license. The business is sustained through contract services and a genuine passion about what we are doing.

About the author

Josh Blum is the owner of Pothosware and the primary developer of the Pothos framework. He has over 10 years of experience in data-flow and parallel processing architectures, and extensive experience in SDR, FPGA, and DSP development.

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